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3 October 2019 - 4 October 2019
Pécs, Hungary
Open4Business 2019 Matchmaking Event

Earth Science and Mining Clusters - Addressing Future Challenges

The number of small and medium sized enterprises in the European Union is significant. Many of them are characterized by high value added and innovation motivated activity. Due to historical, geopolitical, geographical and social reasons their performance on the global market is not competitive enough and not reflecting their statistical weight and economic potential. In order to be efficient in the global supply chain and partner up with regional and multinational companies a suitable alternative is offered by cluster organizations built on the value chain of the given industry.  The importance of the clusters’ activities is not only recognized by the EU but it is supported financially, as well.  

Clusters specialized in applied earth sciences have got unique role to play in the future if  they recognize their opportunities and find the right path offering development, cost effective activities and competitiveness not only in Europe but overseas, as well.

The purpose of our workshop is to present case studies, like the GEE project, that showcase the cooperation opportunities and find new answers for the challenges of the future.

Cluster of Applied Earth Sciences

The Cluster Of Applied Earth Sciences – as the only one in Central Eastern Europe – uniquely combines the knowledge, researches and developments of the discipline. The cluster members who possess prestige, international references and a large number of long-term cooperating partners in global scientific life and in the competitive sphere as well, provide comprehensive services for their clients. As a consequence of the increasingly frequent worldwide occurrence of extreme weather events, natural and industrial catastrophes it becomes more urgent than ever to obligate possible preventive activities. The researches, innovation activities and services of applied earth sciences are able to offer reassuring, risk reducing solutions that increase the certainty of various forecasts.


The services of the cluster and that of its single members form an elemental part of environmentally conscious business:

  • Hydrocarbon exploration,
  • Geothermal research,
  • Research renewable and non-renewable energy sources,
  • raw material research,
  • Carbon-dioxide sequestration,
  • The safe disposal of waste and radioactive waste on a long term,
  • Prevention of various problems in the field of civil engineering that originate in geological processes (e.g. inland inundation, loess wall collapses), geotechnical, soil mechanical investigations and their evaluation,
  • Environmental management, environmental remediation tasks,
  • Solutions for certain problems of different sectors of agriculture (e.g. glasshouse production). 

 In order to reveal the export potentials of the cluster and its members, the CAPES management deals with two large fields of activity: 

  • the export of instruments and devices, and 
  • the export of its complex research infrastructural service activities. 

 The union of companies as a cluster enables them to provide comprehensive services for corporate groups, for the main contractors of international large investments and for the project management of joint international projects. 

The members of CAPES are internationally known for their scientific and innovative achievements. The cluster members offer their products, services, innovation and research activities on a high level of quality and at competitive prices in Hungary and abroad.


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7625 Pécs, Hungary

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