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3 October 2019 - 4 October 2019
Pécs, Hungary
Open4Business 2019 Matchmaking Event

Hungarian Intellectuel Property Office (HIPO)

The Hungarian Intellectual Property Office is the central government office responsible for the protection of intellectual property, which was established in 1896.

In order to contribute to the economic growth of Hungary, the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office regards its mission as operating the modern tools of intellectual property, efficiently protecting the national basis of knowledge and cultural wealth, promoting creativity and innovation, increasing competitiveness and supporting the creation of new jobs.

In that spirit in the frame of Open4Business 2019 HIPO in co-operation with CCIPB, TTO and PATLIB organizing the workshop called "The maze of IPR". (This program is in Hungarian.)


Technology Transfer Office (TTO)

The University of Pécs is one of the biggest Research Universities in Hungary with its nearly 30 000 students, 2000 researchers, 21 doctoral schools and with its 10 faculties. It is also the knowledge centre of the South Transdanubian Region and the first University of Hungary, which dates back to 1367.

It plays a key role in all intellectual areas of the region, education, arts, science and in healthcare as well.

The Technology Transfer Office was founded in 2005 and provides its services for researchers, students and for business partners.

Their mission is to create an environment that provides an optimal flow of knowledge for the local knowledge bases and innovative entrepreneurs.

Patent Library Center

What is PATLIB?

The network of the Patlib (PATent LIBrary) founded by the European Patent Office and the member state community of the European Patent Convention for spreading industrial property rights protection and copyright information. In several European countries (e.g.: Austria, Belgium, Poland, Germany, Spain) the PATLIB centres are at universities’ central libraries.

The main aim of the PATLIB Centre is to provide intellectual property rights information for researchers, students, economic, engineering and science professionals.

PATLIB centres provide local access to patent information and related issues. They are familiar with the local industrial, economic and business landscape, and provide valuable services to innovative entrepreneurs, SMEs and private inventors.

The PATLIB Centre’s services are available for anybody and includes (just) information providing of intellectual property rights and it is free. Services are available in the central building of the University of Pécs (ground floor 1/b Szántó Kovács János Str., Pécs 7633) after preliminary registration.


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